Iara, Demon of Serpents and Water

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Iara is introduced in the second episode of season 2 titled 'Iara'. She seems like a nice human woman at first, but that changes by the end of the episode. She is revealed to be a demon with dominion over serpents and water.

The thing that Iara wants most is Dar. She thinks he can love her and that he is her BeastMaster. The Sorceress (Monika Schnarre) knows different when she comes to save Dar. Iara has a cold reptilian heart and is known to kill her lovers.

There is more to the menace of Iara. She and Curupira are arch enemies. A fight has been brewing for some time. That fight comes to a head in the episode 'White Tiger'. For that episode Iara changes her appearance to a blonde seductress to lure Tao astray. Meanwhile, one of Curupira's precious white tigers rebels and it is up to Dar to bring him back to his senses.

While the boys are occupied, Iara and Curupira finally have the fight that all knew was coming. By sneaky ways, Iara tricks Curupira and has her imprisioned under the water and held by snakes. That leaves Iara victorious, but her victory has an unforseen action. Iara must now take on the responsibilities that Curupira had.

Iara thinks all his well and that this is not a problem. Dar shows her that she still has to respect all the animals and the people that live in the world. Iara too much enjoys having power and making people afraid, but she has no interest in the responsibility that goes with power.

Nothing illustrates Iara's petulant ways more than the consequences of her actions in 'A Terrible Silence'. Because Dar spurned her advances, she took away Dar's power to be BeastMaster. That completely wrecked the balance of power and magic in their world. Nature and magic were out of order and nothing she or the other demons and sorcerers could do would right it. It was only up to Dar to earn his powers back by standing trial again to prove he was worth of being BeastMaster.

After that ordeal, Iara made a promise to be good and behave. With one as wily as her, it is not likely to be believed.

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