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Tao: Does that ever bother you? Ruh killing other animals?
Dar: No. Itís natural. Heís got to eat.

Dar: Animals are like people. Theyíre afraid of strangers. Weíre the strangers here.
Tao: I would like to live in a world where fear is not the first response.
Dar: I donít think itís going to be this one.

Tao: Is there anything you donít see?
Dar: What you donít see gets you in trouble.

King Zad: What is this?
Terron: We donít know. No oneís ever seen anything like it.

King Zad: The wounds are deep and clean. What kind of weapon does this?
Terron: One with a hard edge.
King Zad: And like this creature, one weíve never seen before.

Ancient One: Itís called a Manlink.
King Zad: Iíve never even heard of it.
Ancient One: That's odd because the chances are heís probably one of your relatives.
Sorceress: Maybe even an uncle or a cousin.

Ancient One: Societies are the products of individuals. Eventually we all seek new territories.

Ancient One: When one set of beings enters anotherís world, violence is usually the end result.
Sorceress: But the curious thing is the Manlinks left to avoid that kind of stupidity. They were never a violent race.
King Zad: Well I am. I wonít have my men slaughtered by a group of murderous monkeys.
Ancient One: I donít suppose you will.

Terron about Arina: A quiet one. I bet I can make her scream with pleasure and pain.

Tao: Iíll just stand back here if you donít mind. Iím a little bit afraid of heights.

Arina: Is your friend a warrior, too?
Dar: No, he fights with his brain.
Arina: A thinker.
Dar: And he talks too much.

Arina: Do you have a woman?
Dar: I did.
Arina: No more?
Dar: Not in this life.

Curupira: Tell me your name, human.
King Zad: I am King Zad, ruler of the Territories. Who are you?
Curupira: I am Curupira.
King Zad: Youíre a demon.
Curupira: If you like.
King Zad: I do like.

Curupira: Do you think everything is what it looks like?
King Zad: What do you mean?
Curupira: Well, you say youíre a king. You donít look like one.
King Zad: And what do I look like?
Curupira: An old man with no hair.

Curupira: I only care about real animals and sometimes humans.

King Zad: Have you ever felt a manís lips on yours?
Curupira: Oh yes!
[Curupira throws King Zad.]
Curupira: You can feel my lips another day.

Curupira: The Manlinks are in a canopy in the rainforest. And you know what? They're a lot more attractive than you are.

Sorceress: You want me to come with you?
King Zad: I would be utterly charmed and captivated by your company.
Sorceress: Perhaps Iíll see you there then. The Manlinks interest me, but traveling like a human doesnít.

Arina: Do animals always do what you ask?
Dar: Sometimes. They are like humans. They listen, but it doesnít always mean they heard you.

Tao: Eagles. I love eagles. So majestic!

Terron: Shall we go up?
King Zad: No. Most of you might look like apes, but none of you can climb.

Curupira: Burn my forest, will you? I should burn you with a kiss.

Arina: This is a strange world. We have a lot to do to make it ours.

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